So I Got a Defective T-Mobile G1

Just after I got my iPhone, my wife heard the announcement of the T-Mobile G1. She knows I’m an open source kinda guy, and she’d heard me complain about the then-awful iPhone SDK agreement, so when she heard the announcement, she came down to my office and told me about it (I’d heard it already), and said, “This sounds just like you! You should get one and develop for it!” So I placed my preorder immediately. (Thanks, Sweetheart!)

When it arrived, I was delighted. Neat stuff, though I need to do a full review – the iPhone is definitely more polished at this point.

However, my particular phone had a small problem – a column of pixels about 15 pixels in from the left edge of the screen is defective.

This let me contact T-Mobile phone support on day 1 of the G1 event.

I spent about an hour on the phone (had to call from another phone, because the first representative told me they’d have to open up the phone, look under the battery, etc. – but they never did). I spoke with representatives from customer support (4), technical support or PDA support (2), and somebody dealing with returns but it was his first day and he eventually decided I’d been routed to him by mistake. My favorite line from him was, “How did you get it already?” (My answer: T-mobile shipped it to me??)

Anyway, T-mobile eventually came through and sent me a new G1, and it does not have the pixel issue, so I’m going to send the other one back RSN (Real Soon Now).

Thanks, T-Mobile!


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