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So I Found a Windows SSHFS

It’s from Japan, and is called Dokan SSHFS. It works well.

Some limitations – it will mount the remote filesystem as a drive, so you need to assign a drive letter to each remote filesystem you want to mount. It saves connection info, but not your password or key passphrase. When you type those, it will display them in cleartext, so be aware.

This beats the WinSCP periodic update model for my use cases – however, it does mean that saving files can be slow, depending on your network bandwidth and latency.

For Unix/Linux, you can use the original SSHFS, as I described in another blog post.

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So I Considered AppStore vs. Cydia

From ChaZg33k on So I Made My iPhone Say Hello, World…

Why would you want to use the App Store when you could submit to Cydia?

Hmm. Troll, or serious question? Guess I’ll respond as a serious question, because I have something serious to say.

Cydia is cool. But the AppStore reaches more iPhones (all jailbroken and all “stock” iPhones) – and most people I see with an iPhone don’t have it jailbroken (and yes, I’ve been asking – current ratio is about 10:1).

Also, there’s a strange behavior with iPhone users – they actually seem willing to PAY for software in the AppStore! <NY Times>.

Given the prevalence of Crackulous, I don’t know that the same holds true for many Cydia users (n.b., I use Cydia, but not Crackulous, and yes, I realize that there are fair use arguments for tools like that, and that the DMCA also has a few arguments to make).


P.S. Just about ready to submit my first app to the AppStore (nothing fancy, though it made me build infrastructure and experience for other projects I have going), then hoping to begin posting more about details, and should be following on with more interesting apps shortly!

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